martedì 5 febbraio 2019

Dan mask "Gagon"

Dan mask "Gagon", 
22,5 cm

Prov.: Charles Hug (1899-1979) collection (acquired in Paris between 1929 and 1932); Lempertz Auction Bruxelles 31 Jan. 2018 (lot.111)

Collected before 1932.

St.Gallen Industrie-und Gewerbemuseum, "Transozeanische und Negerkunst aus St.Galler Privatbesitz", May/June 1933  
Rietberg Museum, Zurich, "Masken der Wè und Dan – Elfenbeinküste", 1997 
Published :               
Homberger, L., Masken der Wè und Dan - Elfenbeinküste, Zurich,                                                1997, p.77, n°46. 

The swiss painter Charles Hug (1899-1979) selfportrait

lunedì 4 febbraio 2019

Like in a japanese Anime Superdeformed...

This Lega bone statuette (12 cm.) shows all the creative oddness of certain examples of this style: Like in a japanese Anime Superdeformed…

mercoledì 28 marzo 2018

Tchamba figure

Tchamba figure (Nord Togo)
18 cm.
Old and eroded ritual figure from Tchamba people.

The intersting exhibition on Nord Togo statues held at the forthcoming Paris Tribal by a well known gallery made me remember the only Tchamba item I have in my collection: an old and very eroded little statuette I had from an english little dealer a lot of years ago.

Here it is.

domenica 11 marzo 2018

Losso figure Koumea area

Another Losso figure from Koumea area: this one is 22,5 cm, thinner and "smaller" than the other example I already showed and it is probably older.
I had it from Sylvain Pette.

Here are a resume of the Lamba and Losso items in my collection, at the moment (click on the image to see the whole photo).

Update: The Swiss scholar Thomas Keller had put this statue and the other from the same hand in my collection in a paper on Lamba - Losso statuary.


lunedì 26 febbraio 2018

Ewe venavi couple

Another couple of Vevavi from my not-so-little collection…
Ewe, 18 cm each.
Prov.: Sylvain Pette