domenica 6 novembre 2016

Miniature bronzes from West-Africa: Gan, Lobi, Sao

Some newcomers in my bronzes collection: a Gan figure (a man in chain or a figure with anklets and an offer pot in hands?), a Gan crocodile pendant, both field collected by Angelo Miccoli; a Lobi ring with two scorpions, also from Miccoli's collection; a Sao pendant with two birds, from Laurent Said and Angelo Miccoli collections

domenica 29 novembre 2015

Urhobo rattle

A very old Urhobo (Nigeria) ceremonial rattle. Urhobo rattles are rare and this old example probably dates to the 19th century. The bronze bells are missing and there is considerable wood erosion to the "paddle" shaped part of the rattle. There are four worn but clearly visible heads carved on the handle of the rattle. On one face of the paddle end there is an eroded carving of what could be a bat. 

length of rattle: 41cm 

Ex Marvin Chasin (London), ex Fred Hanley (UK)

giovedì 26 novembre 2015

Maternità Kamba

Kamba maternity. cm. 24,5
Ex Enrico Prometti collection (Bergamo, Italy)

domenica 8 novembre 2015

Secondo incontro: area stilistica West Africa (Dogon, Bamana, Senufo)

Yaka Mbwoolo fetish figure

Old Mbwoolo fetish figure, Yaka tribe, D. R. Congo/Angola.
Well balanced volumes. Magic load in the cavity on the chest intact.
Wood, pigment, magic substances, small animal claw or tooth
First half 20th century.

Ex. Lars Bethge, Kiel

Ex. Hermann Sommerhage, Duisburg
Ex. Coll. Günter Filla, Bochum

Size: 19,5 cm (without base)